GoFocus Program
Adapted Snip Program

Finding the right reading and phonics lessons for your child is not an easy task. There are many programs to chose from and each program guarantees to be the best!

At Little Genius however, we realise that learning to read can be quite a challenge as there are many factors that need to work together. For instance, some learners may struggle to remember the sounds that are represented by the letters, where others may find it challenging to turn these sounds into words (blending). Comprehension, that is making meaning of the words,  is another common challenge that learners experience.

There a few common challenges that readers experience. Not all learners make the same mistakes. We understand that when it comes to learning that ‘one size does not fit all’. Therefore we assess the learner to establish which one of the programs we offer will yield the best results. Reading should be fun! Learners should be excited about learning to read. When reading causes frustration and anxiety, we need to step back and change the course of action.

At Little Genius we offer three methods of reading:

1. Gofocus reading program

The GoFocus reading program is ideal for older learners who have been diagnosed with dyslexia. This program combines interactive computer software with unique table work activities and gross motor co-ordination  exercise equipment. Furthermore, the course includes unique focusing, spatial orientation and spelling techniques.  Read more about GoFocus at here.

2. Adapted snip program

Snip Reading Program is a program that is most likely used in instances where other programs were not successful. The program focuses on learning high frequency words through worksheets and memorisation. This program has been adapted to include easy to read passages that reinforce the words  covered in each lesson.

3. phono-graphix program

Phono-Graphix™ is a straightforward reading method, which was developed by Carmen and Geoffrey Mc Guinness in 1993, at the Read America clinic in Orlando. It takes the sounds of the English language – and teaches the various sound-pictures (letters) that represent those sounds in careful stages. To learn about this method visit here.

Reading and phonics lessons should be adapted to suit the needs of the learners as each learner has different needs. For more information please contact us.