bring out the little genius in your child! 


 Read. Write. Learn

As parents we hope that our children will excel in everything that they do. That they are brave and strong and that they do well academically and on the sports-field.  All children have potential and at Little Genius Education Centre, we strive to assist each child in becoming the best that they can be! 

Some children just need a little help to reach their potential and their goals. Little Genius Education, Remedial and Tutor Centre offer a variety of services to assist your child to excel academically and emotionally. Whether ‘to excel’ means to gain more confidence, to pass a subject, to achieve school readiness or to obtain distinctions, we are able to help! 

Little Genius Education Centre has a diverse group of learners’ therefor the lessons are tailored made to suit the needs of each learner. Challenges differ and so do our solutions! If you are unsure whether we are able to assist, please schedule an appointment to discuss your needs!

  Little Genius offers a range of educational services as well as educational aids/toys and products to assist in making learning fun!