Remedial teacher and Tutor

Crystle Swanepoel is a remedial teacher with special interest in dyslexia(including dyscalculia and hyperlexia), ADHD, reading, writing, spelling and mathematics.

I am passionate about children, their growth and education! I realized that many children really battle at school and due to various reasons/circumstances need a bit more personalized attention. The pace in school is fast and some of our learners are just not ready or able to keep up with the pace. I am passionate about helping children reach their full potential, no matter what it may be.

I obtained a B.A Child and Family Psychology (UJ), B.Soc.Sci (Honours) Psychology (UP) and a PGCE (UNISA). I also completed a course on Dyslexia and the correction/improvement of the symptoms thereof. In addition to this I have many years experience in remedial lessons and tutoring. I have worked with children who are just a tad  lazy but also learners who have learning difficulties and who are really struggling to cope in their school setting. Specialist areas are dyslexia, discalulai,  ADHD, ADD, learners with below average IQ’s, auditory and visual perception challenges.

I am always thinking of ways to assist our children and parents, to make schooling easier, to  develop self confidence  in learners and prevent conflict between parents and their children (resulting from schoolwork).